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All you need from playout

Smart, easy and affordable playout automation system for CasparCG.
Plays any media formats, including static images or HTML5 web pages.
Layered graphic templates for unlimited creative possibilities.

SD, HD or 4K

Animated logos, lower thirds in HTML5

SDI, HDMI, PC screen, stream output

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Key features

Multiformat SD / HD / 4K Playout

Graphic templates in HTML5, working with playlist metadata

Layer mixer, logo inserter with animated logo support

SDI output / input, HDMI, PC screen, youtube stream

Fix time events, metadata, secondary events

Daily playlists, automated lower thirds, shotbox, as run logs

GPIO commands, VideoHub controls, external events

Simple pricing plans

Pay as you go per production event or monthly. Includes all updates.
Or purchase a lifetime license and skip monthly payments.


19 €
per 5 days


49 €
per month


1499 €
single payment

Wonderful Words

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Let us show you

How to start broadcasting

Requirements: CPU i5 or better, nVidia GPU with OpenGL 3 or better

Register, login and download installer

Install playout and examples package

Configure outputs

Start broadcasting!

Visit our help page for more info

Online scheduling

For scheduling we have BROADCAST SELECTOR, which is a web based scheduling system created for TV and radio broadcasters, with great amount of automation functions, media management, video previews, metadata management, categorization, music video rotation goals, long term planning, playout integration and many more! We are web based, so you can plan your playlist wherever you are!

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